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Gasop Oil Limited recognises the importance of a functional health and safety policy for her personnel and equipment that are directly or indirectly involved in her daily operations. The company also maintains a standard policy on environmental concerns in the domain of all its operations.

We have in place a vigorous safety policy to safeguard all personnel and equipment in its daily operations. As an engineering company, Gasop complies with the codes and statutory requirements affecting the industry and adopts any plan that will enhance the business of safety in our organisation. We also comply with safety program/plan of our clients without violating the relevant government legislation.

The appropriate Gasop personnel undertake regular inspection visits to work sites for the purpose of internal safety audit (ISA) observations. Accident records are crucial to the effective monitoring and revision of the HSE policy and must therefore be accurate and comprehensive. Recommendations are given prompt attention and adequate resources mobilised to create safe work environment for our personnel and equipment. Hence, all company’s personnel undertake periodic safety observation program (STOP). The management of Gasop provides every employee with the training necessary to carry out his or her tasks in a safe working environment.

We constantly demonstrate commitment to ensure the working of this policy statement. Our HSE policy will be continuously monitored and updated when changes in the scale and nature of our operations occur.